Pokemon Monday 16 - Nuzlocke newbies

Episode16 highlights

More cheat device discussion - Is cheating OK if you keep it to yourself? Is RNG abuse cheating?

The Nuzlocke Challenge - Have you heard of theNuzlocke Challenge? It's a self-imposed superhard mode way to play the single player Pokemon game. There are two main rules: if a Pokemon faints you must release it as if it had died, and you can only catch the first wild Pokemon you encounter in each area (no second chances if you accidentally KO it). The inventor of theNuzlocke Challenge also publishes acomicbased on his playthrough of the challenge.

Pokemon of the week: Heracross - We salute this wonderfully unique, tough-yet-cutePokemon.Heracross is theonly Bug/Fighting type to date!

Question of the week: Have you tried the Nuzlocke Challenge, and if so, how did it go? If not, would you consider trying it?

See you next week!

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