Pokemon Masters is adding three story chapters with more Pokemon X and Y content

(Image credit: DeNA)

Pokemon Masters is an interesting and well-presented mobile Pokemon game, but it launched with three big issues: limited content, pricey progression, and minimal challenge. In an update coming on Monday, November 6, developer DeNA is looking to address these issues - or at least start addressing them - by adding more story chapters, a higher difficulty level, and bonus missions that award multiple currencies. 

The three new story chapters will feature Calem, a trainer from Pokemon X and Y. These chapters will launch alongside the new "Expert" difficulty for Strike, Tech, and Support Training Area courses, which is one notch above the current max of "Very Hard." DeNA says "playing courses on Expert difficulty will allow players to earn items more efficiently." 

Speaking of efficient progression: limited-time objectives for the game's main story will be available until 2:59pm PT / 5:59pm ET / 10:59pm BST on November 6. If you complete all the available objectives and missions, you can earn up to 200 Gems, 20 Big Pearls, and "various training items." That's not a lot in the grand scheme of things, but if events and freebies like these become more common, acquiring new Trainers without breaking out your credit card would be a lot more feasible. 

While you wait for the big November 6 update, you can knock out some Grass- and Electric-type sync pair events. The Electric-type event will be available until Tuesday, October 29, while the Grass-type one will run through Wednesday October 30. 

Here's a quick for how to evolve Pokemon in Pokemon Masters.   

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