All the Pokemon Legends: Arceus Unown locations

Finding Unown in Pokemon Legends: Arceus
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There might not be many Pokemon Legends: Arceus Unown to find, but just finding them alone is task enough. There are 28 in total, and they're dotted all over Hisui, lurking in hidden areas that you'll only notice if you're really looking. Thankfully, they're easy to catch, and it feels great when you do spot one. 

Below you'll find the maps for where to find the Unowns in each of the Hisuian areas. Make sure to click the cross in the top right of each map to make it fullscreen. 

Note: You'll need both Braviary and Sneasler unlocked to obtain all of these.

How to catch

How to catch Unown in Pokemon Legends: Arceus

Finding Unown in Pokemon Legends: Arceus

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Catching an Unown is pretty simple in that all you need to do is throw a Pokeball at it. They won't fight it, they'll just go quite happily once you've landed the shot. It's a one hit catch and not a battle in sight. The main difficulty with Unown is first finding them all, and secondly actually aiming the Pokeballs. A lot of them are high up or in awkward spots so arm yourself with plenty of feather balls, which are perfect for Unown hunting. 


The reward for catching all the Unown in Pokemon Legends: Arceus

Finding Unown in Pokemon Legends: Arceus

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Absolutely nothing! Beyond fully completing the Unown Research Notes, you get nothing but the satisfaction of a job well done.


1. Jubilife Village

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  • Unown H - On the welcome sign as you come into the village from Prelude Beach
  • Unown W - On the eye of the Magikarp statue on the front-left of Galaxy Hall. Best caught from the ridge to the front-right of the Training Grounds.
  • Unown ? - On the washing line behind your house

2. Obsidian Fieldlands

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  • Unown E - In the tree in the centre of the island to the east of Grueling Grove
  • Unown G - On the left underside of the largest rock at the top of the waterfall
  • Unown I - Around the back of the entrance to the cave at Lake Verity
  • Unown S -  On the sticks that make up the Tidewater Dam (on the longest section)
  • Unown X - On the lowest branch of the big tree the Grandtree Arena

3. Crimson Mirelands

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  • Unown A - On the back of the tent in the Diamond Settlement second from right
  • Unown D - At the abandoned campfire to the west of Cloudpool Ridge
  • Unknown K - On the front of a stack of rocks directly south of the Shrouded Ruins
  • Unown M - On a large log to the west of Ursa's Ring
  • Unown V - Hanging from a dead tree in the west of the Scarlet Bog

4. Cobalt Coastlands

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  • Unown B - On the side of the volcano on Firespit Island
  • Unown N - On the right-hand side of the eastern pointed rock to the north of Sand's reach
  • Unown Q - Hanging in a tree to the left outside the entrance to Turnback Cave (near Spring Path)
  • Unown R - On the cliff at Lurker's Lair, hanging on the face between the two prongs
  • Unown Z - On the mast of the shipwreck in Deadwood Haunt

5. Coronet Highlands

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  • Unown C - Sitting on top of one of the columns at the ruins to the west of Celestica Ruins / directly east of the Summit Camp
  • Unown F - High atop the peak of the rocky mounds over the top of the Ancient Quarry
  • Unown J - Inside the Ancient Quarry, high up on the right-hand side of the wall near the middle (if you're facing the Waywood Wood exit)
  • Unown L - Inside the Wayward Cave, in a small alcove behind a boulder you need to break with a Pokemon's help

6. Alabaster Icelands

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  • Unown O - High on a column in the ice cave that extends below the Icebound falls (accessible from the hole in Avalanche Slopes - the pink square on the map)
  • Unown T - Atop a skinny ice pillar just below the highest point in Avalugg's Legacy
  • Unown U - On top of a rock column above the waterfall to the east of Heart's Crag
  • Unown ! - Hanging from a dead tree to the east of the Snowfall Hot Spring pool (next to the berry tree)
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