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Pokemon leaker claims Diamond and Pearl remakes and an "open-world" Sinnoh game will be revealed today

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl
(Image credit: Team Kato)

A leaker with a credible track record has claimed that several new Pokemon games will be revealed this afternoon at the Pokemon Presents showcase.

As you can see below, user PracticalBrush12 has made several claims about the Pokemon Presents show later today on February 26. Firstly, the user claims that remakes of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl will be announced for release later this year, but also that a new game taking place in the Sinnoh region of Pokemon will be released in early 2022.

Stroke é man from u/PracticalBrush12

This Reddit user has a pretty solid track record of providing accurate information about showcases ahead of time. Last week for example, they revealed all the third-party titles that would be appearing in the forthcoming Nintendo Direct, just an hour before the showcase premiered. Similarly, they also revealed new details about Diablo 4 before BlizzCon 2021, namely that the Rogue class would be making a return to Blizzard's action game.

If the claims for the Pokemon games are to be believed, then, there's a lot to look forward to. Rumors about Diamond and Pearl remakes have been circulating over the last few weeks, and PracticalBrush12 gives credence to those rumors. It sounds like they'll be slightly different to the Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu and Let's Go Eevee remakes of Pokemon Yellow that released a few years ago however, adopting a slightly different art style.

It's the Sinnoh game for 2022 that sounds like the most exciting thing on offer, though. The Sinnoh game is described as "feudal" by the leaker, and it sounds like it'll be open world, perhaps an extension of the open world leanings of Pokemon Sword and Shield.

This is all part of Pokemon's 35th birthday celebrations, which are rolling on throughout the coming few weeks. February 27 is technically Pokemon Day, the actual anniversary of the iconic franchise, but the Pokemon Company is holding the Pokemon Direct later today on Friday, February 26, at 7 a.m. PT/10 a.m. ET.

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