Pokemon HeartGold/SoulSilver boss battle guide

Vermillion Gym
Gym Leader:
Lt Surge

Pokemon: Electrode (Lv 47) Electrode (Lv 47) Magneton (Lv 47) Raichu (Lv 51) Electrabuzz (Lv 53)
Your average team level: Lv 50
Tactics: Lt Surge’s obsession with Electric types is a big weakness. As long as you have a solidly levelled Ground-type Pokemon you can clean up here very easily.

Saffron Gym
Gym Leader:

Pokemon: Mr Mime (Lv 53) Espeon (Lv 53) Alakazam (Lv 55)
Your average team level: Lv 51
Tactics: As always, Psychic types can make for annoying battles. The main thrust of your attacks should revolve around Dark and Ghost types, though we also used a Bug type for good measure.

Cerulean Gym
Gym Leader:

Pokemon: Quagsire (Lv 49) Golduck (Lv 49) Lapras (Lv 52) Starmie (Lv 54)
Your average team level: Lv 52
Tactics: On the whole, Grass and Electric types are your best friends here – but watch out for Quagsire, as its added Ground classification makes it impervious to Electric attacks. To be safe then, stick with Grass.

Fuchsia Gym
Gym Leader:

Pokemon: Weezing (Lv 44) Ariados (Lv 47) Arados (Lv 47) Crobat (Lv 47) Venomoth (Lv 50)
Your average team level: Lv 54
Tactics: Bring plenty of Antidotes to this party, just in case! Like the last battle though: a decent Fire type with a Flying type to act as cover will win out.

Celadon Gym
Gym Leader:

Pokemon: Jumpluff (Lv 51) Tangela (Lv 52) Victreebel (Lv 56) Bellossom (Lv 56)
Your average team level: Lv 53
Tactics: Even though a good Fire type is the obvious key to victory, Erika’s Pokemon are no pushovers, especially Victreebel, so it’s wise to get a decent Flying or Psychic type into your team as cover.

Pewter Gym
Gym Leader:

Pokemon: Ryhorn (Lv 51) Graveller (Lv 51) Kabutops (Lv 52) Omastar (Lv 53) Onix (Lv 54)
Your average team level: Lv 55
Tactics: This battle is much easier than it should be – a decent Grass and Water type will see off most of his team easily. You might like to bring an Electric type too, to cover Kabutops and Omastar.

Cinnabar Gym
Gym Leader:

Pokemon: Magmar (Lv 54) Magcargo (Lv 54) Rapidash (Lv 59)
Your average team level: Lv 57
Tactics: Against Fire and Rock, special Water attacks are key. It might be a good idea to use two to keep something in reserve, as Blaine has some powerful moves at his disposal.

Viridian Gym
Gym Leader:

Pokemon: Gyarados (Lv 52) Exeggutor (Lv 55) Machamp (Lv 56) Arcanine (Lv 58) Rhydon (Lv 58) Pidgeot (Lv 60)
Your average team level: Lv 58
Tactics: A Trainer that likes to mix his Poke-types… Water and Fire types are a must. Fire for Exeggutor and a strong water typeare key to both Rhydon and Arcanine. Use Electric attacks to see off Gyarados and that Lv 60 Pidgeot. Machamp can be nasty – so use a strong Psychic type.

Final Battle
Kanto Champion –

Pokemon: Lapras (Lv 80) Snorlax (Lv 82) Blastoise (Lv 84) Venusaur (Lv 84) Charizard (Lv 84) Pikachu (Lv 88)
Your average team level: Lv 72
Tactics: Like Blue, Red has a great mix of Pokemon types, which means you’llneed a well-raised team with a multitude of attack options. Don’t be scared of his Lv 88 Pikachu – it can certainly hit hard, but it’s no match for a good strong Physical attack. In fact, it’s possible to take him down with one hit of this type. The same applies for Snorlax – Physical will win out, especially as it has good resistance to elemental specials. Next up, make sure you have a strong Electric type – this will make light of two of Red’s team – his Lapras and his Blastoise. Finally, Venusaur will struggle against a Fire type with a decent defence. One golden rule to remember for this battle is to pack plenty of Full Heals, as many of Red’s team can knock you for 60-70% of your HP. Use your potions and be patient, as beating Red will bring you plenty of rewards in the end game.

Apr 2, 2010