Pokemon Go Shiny Celebi Special Research event coming this month

Pokemon Go Celebi
(Image credit: Niantic / The Pokemon Company)

Niantic has added one more event to the growing list of Pokemon Go December activities: a Special Research event starring Shiny Celebi, AKA the onion fairy. 

Celebi is one of the major players in the upcoming Pokemon movie Secrets of the Jungle, so it's getting its own little Pokemon Go event starting December 14. Secrets of the Jungle isn't out until 2021, mind you, so this is more of a red carpet event than anything resembling a launch, and even then it's tangential at best. Still, new Special Research is always welcome, and Shinies will light a fire in any collector's eyes.

"You'll be able to participate in Special Research guided by none other than Jessie and James themselves," Niantic explains. "Completing this Special Research will earn you an encounter with Shiny Celebi – one of the Pokemon prominently featured in Pokemon the Movie: Secrets of the Jungle. You may also run into Jessie and James either in Go Snapshot or on the map in their iconic Meowth balloon, and avatar items inspired by the troublesome duo will be available in the in-game shop."

Celebi's research event is one of many planned for this month. The mobile catch-'em-up will also see a  suite of new raid encounters and a series of Pokemon spotlights. The next one is scheduled for December 8 and focuses on Swinub. 

Now's a good time to read up on the Pokemon Go 2019 - 2020 Community Day list, because all previously featured Pokemon will get a turn for the December finale. 

Austin Wood

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