Pokemon Go egg hatching has inspired some pretty inventive cheaters

If you think about it, many inventions are a direct response to humanity's inherent laziness. So when Pokemon Go asked players to walk 2, 5, or even 10 km to hatch eggs that contain rare and powerful monsters, many people reached for their thinking caps instead of their walking shoes. Some of their solutions are so impressive that I just had to highlight them.

Before you start constructing your own automated phone transit device, know that there's a serious flaw in many of these strategies that I'll discuss later. But for now, simply enjoy the spirit of invention!

via  Jammich

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Perfection. Well, not quite. Pokemon Go doesn't use any kind of step-counting or motion tracking function to determine how far you've traveled for hatching eggs. It just uses your phone's GPS to compare where you were before and where you are now (and it doesn't count it if you move too quickly, like while driving or biking).

Combine the relatively slow update time with the margin of error for GPS systems and you'll probably get about as much  "distance" from attaching your phone to a ceiling fan as you would just by leaving it on the counter, with the GPS glitching out occasionally as it's wont to do. And here's why you definitely shouldn't strap your expensive, fragile smartphone to a ceiling fan.

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Ceiling fan image by Khindmis

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