Pokemon Go celebrates Easter with eggs galore, double XP until April 20

Pokemon Go is a game heavily featuring eggs and candy collecting - so there really is no holiday more appropriate for a tie-in event than Easter. And from 1pm Pacific / 9pm BST today until April 20, the "Pokemon Go Eggstravaganza" will do just that - adding a greater variety of Pokemon to 2km eggs while also giving you more candy from hatching eggs.

If you can't make 2km hikes a regular part of your day this holiday weekend, don't worry, there are still a few bonuses in place for you: for starters, you'll earn double XP regardless of what you do in the game, and the Lucky Egg item from the in-game shop is half price. So if you're a bit behind in your trainer level, now's a good time to buckle down and grind those Pidgeys into sweet, sweet XP. 

Sam Prell

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