Pokemon Diamond and Pearl cheats

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl cheats
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We've got Pokemon Diamond and Pearl cheats for Action Replay on the DS, plus a ton of tips for how to catch 'em all.

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl guides

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl cheats

Manaphy Eggs (Action Replay Code)

Any Pokemart

94000130 FCFF0000
B21C4D28 00000000
B0000004 00000000
0000AA3C EDB88320
2000AA68 00000007

Rare Candy X 999 (Action Replay Code)


Every Pokeball X999 (Action Replay Code)

94000130 FCFF0000
B21C4D28 00000000
B0000004 00000000
E0000F4C 0000003C
03E70001 03E70002
03E70003 03E70004
03E70006 03E70007
03E70008 03E70009
03E7000A 03E7000B
03E7000C 03E7000D
03E7000E 03E7000F
O3E70010 00000000

Trainer Pokemon (Action Replay Code)

9223B5FA 00002101
1223B5FA 00002100
D2000000 00000000

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl tips

Pokeball Guide

Pokeball: regular strength. Most common found.
Premier Ball: Same effect of a pokeball. Just a lot cooler.
Great ball: stronger than a pokeball or premier ball.
Ultra ball: Stronger than a great ball.
Master Ball: Catches target without fail. Very good for catching a legendary. Extremely rare.
Heal ball: Heals a Pokemon that you caught.
Net ball: good for bug and water type.
Timer ball: chance of success grows as the battle grows longer.
Safari ball: used in the safari zone
Pal-Park ball: used in the pal park.

Catch A Heatran

To catch a Heatran go through Stark Mountain and then when you see Buck in a room, and he is taking the stone, he says stuff and then walks off... Well then you have to go to his house in the survival area or battle zone and talk to him again. He says he is going to go put it back. Then go to stark mountain again in the same room were buck finds the treasure and there is Heatran. Be careful and save because he is lvl 70 and he is fire-ground type. Make sure you have a lot of dusk, ultra and luxury balls with you.

Key Items

Bicycle- Eterna City.

Coin Case- Veilstone City.

Coupon 1/2/3- Jubilife City.

Explorer Kit- Eterna City.

Fashion Case- Jubilife City.

Galactic Key- Veilstone City (Galactic HQ).

Good Rod- Route 209.

Journal- Twinleaf Town.

Lunar Wing- Fullmoon Island.

Old Charm- Route 210.

Old Rod- Jubilife City.

Pal Pad- Oreburgh City.

Parcel- Twinleaf Town.

Poffin Case- Hearthome City.

Point Card- Battle Park.

Poke Radar- Sandgem Town.

Seal Case- Solaceon Town.

Secret Potion- Valor Lakefront.

Sprayduck- Floaroma Town.

Storage Key- Veilstone City.

Suite Key- Route 213.

Super Rod- Fight Area.

Town Map- Jubilife City.

Vs Seeker- Route 207.

Works Key- Floaroma Meadow.

In Game Reset

To reset while playing the game, just press and hold L, R, Select, and Start at the same time.

Reviving Fossils

when you find a fossil in the underground, take it to the Oreburgh Mining Museum and talk to the dude on the right at the counter and he will take one fossil. walk outside walk back in and take your defossilised pokemon.

Fossils i know of:

Skull Fossil- Cranidos
Armor Fossil- Sheildon

After Nat. Dex:

Root Fossil- Lileep
Claw Fossil- Anorith
Dome Fossil- Kabuto
Helix Fossil- Omanyte
Old Amber- Aerodactyl

Info On The Top Four Legendaries


Steps To Hatch From Egg-30,976
Species-New Species Pokemon
Weight-8.8 lbs.(4kg)
Pokedex Entry-Because it can use all kinds of moves, many scientists believe Mew to be the ancestor of all Pokemon
How To Obtain-Migrate from Pokemon FireRed, or LeafGreen.

Ability-Natural Cure
Steps To Hatch From Egg-30,976
Species-Time Travel Pokemon
Weight-11 lbs.(5kg)
Pokedex Entry-it has the power to travel across time, but is said only to appear in peaceful times.
How To Obtain- Migrate from Pokemon FireRed, or LeafGreen.

Steps To Hatch From Egg-30,976
Species-DNA Pokemon
Weight-134 lbs.(60.8kg)
Pokedex Entry-An Alien Virus that fell to Earth on a meteor underwent a DNA mutation to become this Pokemon
How To Obtain-Migrate from Pokemon Ruby, Saphire, or Emerald.

Type-Depends on what kind of item Arceus is holding
Steps To Hatch From Egg-30,976
Species-Alpha Pokemon
Weight-705.5 lbs.(320kg)
Pokedex Entry-(Diamond)It is described in mythology as the Pokemon that shaped the universe with its 1,000 arms.(Pearl)It is told in mythology that this Pokemon was born before the universe even existed.
How To Obtain-Go to Wi-Fi room in Pokemon Center, ask someone for Arceus Mystery Gift. If you get the Gift, go to Spear Pillar where Arceus will appear.

Catching Cresselia

The Grasses of Sinnoh

After beating the game, go to the city with the sailor who brought you to Iron Island. There should be a house next to him that was locked. Enter the house and talk to the woman. Then go back to the sailor and talk to him. He will sail you to New Moon Island. Once you get there, enter a forest. Cresselia should be there. Go up to her and press A. If she flies away it is working. An item is left behind. Bring the item to the sailor. You will sail back to the house to wake up his son from his horrible slumber. Now Cresselia should be roaming around Sinnoh on level 50, just like Mesprit.

Getting Leafeon And Glaceon

Eterna Forest / Route 217

Since Eevee aren't as freakishly super rare as in every single game in this game this is easier with the National dex, Pal Park, and the breeding center.The National dex allows the trophy garden to get much more pokemon. Take 1 or 2 Eevee, 1 or 2 rare candys and 3 max repels. For Leafeon, in Eterna Forest near the upper corner of the entrance area is a mossy stone.Get near it and use a rare candy or do it the old fashioned way to lv. up. It should evolve into Leafeon. For Glaceon, in the Blizzard Zone go to the blizzard coated field and head to the north eastern part of the field, you will find a frozen stone. Use a rare candy or fight to lv. up. It should evolve into a Glaceon.

Spiritomb's Weaknesses

Elite four

Spiritomb's weakness is Dialga's dragon claw and Infernape's flame wheel (basically fire and dragon)

Get Mesprit And Cressilia

Not in the Battle Zone

Mesprit and Cressilia are tricky to get, but you can try to use quick balls on them since they'll run away after you throw a poke ball (any kind) if it dosen't work. Also, try using a Wobbufet or Wynaut since their ability prevents escape.

Dividing A Pokemon's Type

Pokemon Center

Sometimes it's better to divide your Pokemon's types into different boxes. You can split up all the Pokemon into different boxes. Remember to name the boxes by the Pokemons' type. Example: You can name a box "Water" and put water type Pokemon and other water types that have two types. You can also put Pokemon in different boxes depending on it's color. I suggest types. And this can make it easier for you to remember which box your Pokemon are in.

Avoiding Double Battles

Sometimes, you can notice that if you walk in between two trainers, you get into double battles. Well, to avoid that, just talk to one of the trainers. Make sure you talk to him from the side. Doing this will get you into a single battle. Then go to the other trainer and get into another single battle. It takes longer, but it's handy if you're like me, who raise only one Pokemon. (Note: if both of the trainer's sides are blocked off, you can't do this trick).

To Get Or Evolve Pokemon With Ease

To get or evolve certain Pokemon you need a certain time of day. To get to this time of day you go to your DS clock and change the clock to the time you want it to be. Now you can get or evolve these Pokemon with ease.

Double Catching Rate

Catching any wild pokemon

When encountering wild pokemon, and throwing any Pokeball at it, if you say "Gotcha" into the microphone in the middle of your Nintendo DS, it will double the catching rate.

Cathing Azelf

Lake Valor

After you defeat Cyrus at Mount. Coronet return to lake valor to capture Azelf one of the legendary mirage Pokemon. Azelf is level 50 and is also the easiest to catch out of the 3 legendary mirage Pokemon. But as I was saying when you get to lake valor surf to the middle and you'll notice a cavern - go into it and Azelf will be in there. Save before you go into battle because if you faint, it's gone for good. Have plenty of dusk balls ultra balls and a bunch of great balls.

Get L. 70 Ghost Dragon Pokemon

In Fourth Lake

There is a secret hidden lake only unlockable after getting the National Pokedex. If you look closely at the map, you'll see what looks like an empty square near Lake Valor. if you zoom in on it, they will say it is the fourth hidden lake and if you go there, you'll find a cave and if you go to the last room, you'll find a giant evil dragon pokemon at level 70. it is vulnerable to ice, dragon, dark, and ghost types. (PS: You might need to look up research on it at the Canalave city library before it will be available for capture.)

Drifloon Time

At Valley Wind Works you can get a Drifloon on every Friday afternoon.

Free Pokeballs

Soalceon Town

In Solaceon Town, go to the house next to the Pokemon Center. Talk to everyone in there. One of the people will ask you to bring them a Pokemon to look at not to keep. Do this. Take it back to the person and then they will give you three random free pokeballs. They are : Dive, Dusk, Great, Heal, Luxury, Nest, Net, Poke, Quick, Repeat, Timer and Ultra.

NOTE: The Person will NOT give you a Master Ball

Pal Park Pokemon

After you've seen all Pokemon in your normal PokeDex, put a GBA cartridge in the GBA place. When you go to Pal Park, they'll give you 6 pokeballs. You can catch pokemon from the system you put in. I put in Emerald and I caught a lvl 40 Swampert.

The Mighty Lucario

Iron Island

After You beat the fifth Gym, go to the sailor and tell him to sail to Iron Island. Then you meet Riley and he has a Lucario. When you and him beat the Galctic Grunts he will give you a Roilu egg. NOTE: Bring only five poke'mon to the Island or you have to walk back to him to get the egg. Also Roilu evevoles at Friendship evolution so feed it poffins don't make him faint and give him massages in Veilstone City.

Get A Premium Ball

Any Pokemart

If you buy 10 pokeballs and you get a premium ball.

Catch Lucario

After you beat the 5th gym leader in diamond go to a foggy lake, then use defog (you should be able to get this HM sometime after beating the 5th gym leader just keep looking for defog if you don't get it after beating the 5th gym leader) after you use defog in the lake cross it after that a man will have a briefcase - he will either give a riddle or a question to solve before he battles you (depends on which game you have)

NOTE: You must answer the riddle or question correct if you want Lucario. After you answer the question or riddle correctly he will battle you, If you win, you will get Lucario.

Elite Four Weaknesses

Sinnoh Elite Four

Here's the Sinnoh Elite Four's weaknesses and Pokemon.

Aaron( Bug Type) = Fire Pokemon/Lightning
Aaron has Dustox, Heracross, Vespiquen, Beautifly and Drapion.

Bertha( Rock Type) = Water Pokemon
Bertha has Quagsire, Hippowdon, Sudowoodo, Whiscash, and Golem.

Flint( Fire Type) = Water Pokemon
Flint has Rapidash, Driftblim, Infernape, Steelix, and Lopunny.

Lucian( Physic Type) = Fire Pokemon
Lucian has Mr. Mime, Medicham, Alakazam, Girafarig, and Bronzong.

Cynthia( Various Types)(Elite Four Champion)
Cynthia has Spiritomb, Garchomp, Lucario, Gastrodon, Milotic, and Roserade.

Cynthia's weaknesses are Lightning, Fire,
Physic and Fighting.

Partner In Eterna Forest

When you are in Eterna Forest, someone named Cheryl will ask for locating the exit. She'll heal you're Pokemon before another battle, and she has a Chancey so that means double the wild Pokemon. (I caught a Bunery with her by my side.)

Easy Way To Get A Vespiquen

Despite vespiquen's looks, she (always female 100% of the time) learns three unique and exclusive moves like Attack order (at lv.37), Heal order (at lv.25), and finally defend order (at lv.13) which is only a stat raiser and you'll need to go to a move re-learner.

To get started you'll need the three things:
1)Sweet honey, can be obtained by buying it from a man around the flower field around Floaroma town or by having a Combee already in your party.
2)Find a gold-ish tree (it's very distinct)
3)PATIENCE! (this could take several hours.)

What you need to do is go up to a golden tree, use the sweet honey, and wait a couple of hours or until the tree shakes. SAVE! before you go up to the tree and then press a if it's not a wild FEMALE Combee reset the game and check the tree until you get her and reset if you don't, then there's the catching and all that so she'll evolve into Vespiquen at lv.21 or so.

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl unlockables

GBA Cartridge Extras

Insert the GBA cartridges to find the following Pokemon (you still need to find and
capture them yourself).

Seedot -- Hakutai Forest, Route 203, Route 204
Nuzleaf -- Route 229
Mawile -- Iron Island
Zangoose -- Route 208
Solrock -- Thrust Lake, Thrust Lake Surroundings, Wisdom Lake, Aspiration Lake, Tengan Mountain, Departure Springs, Return Cave

Lotad -- Route 203, 204, 205 North, 212 South
Lombre -- Route 212 South, 229
Sableye -- Iron Island
Seviper -- Route 208
Lunatone -- Thrust Lake, Thrust Lake Surroundings, Wisdom Lake, Aspiration Lake, Tengan Mountain, Departure Springs, Return Cave

Pineco -- Hakutai Forest, Route 203, 204, 229
Gligar -- Hard Mountain, Route 206, 207, 214, 215, 227
Shuckle -- Route 224
Teddiursa -- Route 211, Wisdom Lake
Ursaring -- Wisdom Lake, Route 216, 217

Caterpie -- Route 204 South
Metapod -- Hakutai Forest
Ekans -- Route 212 South
Arbok -- Safari Zone
Growlithe -- Route 201, 202
Elekid -- Route 204 South, Powerplant

Weedle -- Route 204 South
Kakuna -- Hakutai Forest
Sandshrew -- Lost Cave
Sandslash -- Route 228
Vulpix -- Route 209
Magby -- Hard Mountain, Route 227

Any Pokemon GBA Cartridge
Haunter -- Forest Mansion
Gengar -- Forest Mansion Room with eyes

Get Leafian & Glacian

Pokemon Center

Leacian & Glacian are the 2 newest evolutions of Evee. To get them you must have Leaf Green or Fire Red. After you get Evee on that trade it over to Diamond or Pearl. It should appear in the Pal Park.

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