Pokemon Compendium

If you missed any of our extensive, elaborate coverage, from a total guide to Diamond and Pearl to the complete Pokedex, we've got you covered, including screens of 3D Pokemon featured in PBR.

Check below for links to anything and everything Pokemon, from walkthroughs to effort values to advanced tactics.

Complete Pokedex (opens in new tab)
We run through the entire list - pics and stats included for ALL 493 Pokemon

Shiny Pokemon Guide (opens in new tab)
Start catching Shinies fast! Our guide shows you all the tricks

Diamond and Pearl Daily Events Guide (opens in new tab)
Take advantage of every daily event with our complete guide

Pokemusings, week 10 (opens in new tab)
Our weekly piece on the DS' hottest game. Each week we give away another rare Pokemon!

PokemonRadar (opens in new tab)
We take a tour through Diamond and Pearl's new balls of fluff and fangs

Diamond / Pearl PokeWalkthrough (opens in new tab)
The Pokemon trainer's definitive guide to the sights and wildlife of Sinnoh

Secrets of the Pokemasters (opens in new tab)
Raising Pokemon can be hard work, but we've got some advice to help you conquer Sinnoh in no time

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Advanced Guide (opens in new tab)
You've mastered the Pokemon League, but there's still plenty of adventure to be found in Sinnoh

Pokemon Battle Revolution review (opens in new tab)
The Wii gets its first Pokemon game - and online title - at the same time

September 14, 2007

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