Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl update fixes several progress-halting bugs

Pokemon Shining Pearl
(Image credit: Nintendo)

A new Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl update is out now, but it's a little on the light side in details.

The new update for both Gen 4 remakes actually launched yesterday on December 1. Chiefly, the patch for Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl fixed multiple issues that would "prevent the game from progressing under certain circumstances," according to the official Nintendo website. However, the website doesn't specify what circumstances these actually are.

The only other detail about the new update is that is fixed a slate of issues "for more pleasant gameplay." That's a very charming description of the new update for Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl from Nintendo, but just like the previous note, it, unfortunately, doesn't specify exactly which issues have been remedied (or how the game will be more "pleasant" now).

It's worth noting that, according to the official Nintendo website, you'll apparently need 3GB worth of space on your Nintendo Switch in order to download the new update. This is certainly a heftier update than previous patches for both Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, so we can only assume there's a fair few issues being fixed outside of the limited description.

So far, Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl look to have been an absolute smash hit for Nintendo. As Famitsu revealed last week, both remakes have had the second biggest three launch days for a Nintendo Switch game ever, trailing only to the prolific Animal Crossing: New Horizons. They've taken a fair while to get here, but these Gen 4 remakes are apparently going down a treat in Japan, at least.

You can head over to our full Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl impressions if you're thinking about picking up either of the new Nintendo remakes.

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