Pokemon Black and White release info roundup

Since Pokemon Black and White released early in Japan sometime yesterday-ish, the internet has been flooded with new information and details, and it's all happening so fast that it's tough to keep up with. Here are the latest facts that have come to the surface since the game has shipped, in handy bullet point form.

  • The B%26amp;W carts are region locked on DSi and DSi XL, but will work fine in a regular DS or DS Lite. If you try to play the Japanese cart in a US DSi, it won't detect the cartridge. That means unless you have a Japanese DSi, you won't be able to use the DSi functionality on the Japanese game. No voice chat for us gaijins!
  • For a full list of all 156 new Pokemon, including base stats, abilities and Japanese names,Pokebeachhas a great one. We'll post an in-depth Isshu Pokedex of our own once we receive the game next week.
  • The graphics look amazing.

Above:On the roadto Hiun City

  • The PC can hold up to 720 Pokemon now via 24 PC boxes. Ugh, when is Game Freak going to give us a better Pokemon storage solution? Simply having more PC boxes doesn't cut it. Oh well.
  • Trainers have Natures now! Just like Pokemon Natures, your trainer ID card will list your Nature. What could this mean?
  • Churine and Monmen are not actually version exclusives because depending on the version you have you can trade an NPC for the one your version doesn't have in the wild.
  • Both Zekrom and Reshiram are caught at level 50.
  • The Pokerus still exists. EV trainersrejoice!
  • There's some kind of post-game quest afteryou defeat the Pokemon League where you search for seven sages.
  • Info on Gym Leaders and Elite Four onBulbapedia.
  • The third stage evolutions of the starters have been confirmed. Here's a youtube video ofFutachimaru evolving into Daikenki.
  • It's all but confirmed that none of the Isshu Pokemon are related to any Pokemon from previous generations. No Eeveelutions, sadly. We stillfind it hardto believe that Mamanbo isn't related to Luvdisc though.

Above: Pokemon White intro cinema

Above: Team Rocket in B&W??!?!

Look for more details next week as we dive into Pokemon Black & White coverage when our copies arrive from Japan. We'll be getting into further detail on each of the new Pokemon, as well as posting in-depth reports on our experiences playing both Black and White,complete withscreens and video. And of course as always, tune in toPokemon Mondaywhere we'll be discussing Black and White further, of course.

Sep 17, 2010

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