Pokemon Battle Revolution details

Fresh off the internet's series of tubes is news of Nintendo's next mega Wii-lease, Pokemon Battle Revolution (perhaps you've seen our 19-weekfeature on the game?). The game's shipping June 25, just in time for all the summer-loving kiddies to shun sunlight and lock themselves indoors for hours of Pokemon-on-Pokemon action. What can they expect in this hot new release? Straight from Nintendo's mouth:

  • the first Wii game to include Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection play
  • the first Pokemon game for Wii
  • the first game to link Wii and the hand-held Nintendo DS
  • and the first Wii game that can be controlled using Nintendo DS

Battle Revolution's been out in Japan for about, oh, 50 years, so all this news is hardly groundbreaking. Nevertheless, for US gamers it's a huge bit of revelations that should, hopefully, precede more announcements regarding Wii's online presence. PBR's DS interface is fine and all, but using the Wii Remote is just as easy. For more on the game, please, by all means hit the Preview tab up above or check out the aforementioned Pokemon Radar feature.

March 7, 2007