14 Pokemon that are basically just ordinary objects with googly eyes

Is your favorite Pokmon is an inanimate object? Its more likely than you think!

Living in the world of Pokmon has got to be confusing. They're everywhere, and everyone talks about them all the time. But besides the general confusion that comes with living in a world full of godlike creatures, there's also the whole problem of knowing what is--and isn't--a sentient monster. Taking out thew trash? Look out! It's actually a Pokmon! Eating an ice cream cone? Stop! Don't bite into that Pokmon! How horrifying.

How do you tell what's a living creature and what isn't? Well, luckily, we have you covered. Instead of second-guessing yourself every time you take a bite of delicious cotton candy, you can just check here to see if the puff of fluff you're about to devour might bite back. We've made that easy for you with this gallery of inanimate objects posing as Pokmon.


Just in case you ever needed a living, breathing sarcophagus to join you on your journey, Cofagrigus will take care of you. If you should ever fall in battle, your Cofagrigus can swaddle you in a tremendously creepy fashion either in its hollow body or with its noodle-like appendages. You'll be fighting fit in no time! Just look at those glowing red eyes. They dont remind you of nightmares at all, do they? They dont make us want to run away screaming in terror, either. Not even the time we went to the museum and Cofagrigus was lying in wait with its arms at its sides pretending to be an old relic. Really, not terrifying at all.


Jingle bells, jingle bells, Chingling all the way! That's basically what Chingling is, though. A bell. You could perhaps annoy your opponents by shaking this crazy little creature to death, but it might not do much damage. Perhaps you could attach it to your favorite Persian's collar, as that seems to be all the use that it has. This inanimate object doesn't ring our bell so much as makes us wonder what it could have been instead of a glorified decoration.


How were the Easter Island heads built and why? Got a Nosepass? Let's ask it! But wait! Why would there ever be one of those heads up and running around? Why would it be a Pokmon? Are we deciding to retcon human history and transplant one of these weirdos for the famous statues instead? We are? Well, thats more than a little bizarre, kind of like this pocket monster. It looks a little stuck up, doesnt it? What with its nose all up in the air, youd think its too good for this list. At least youll never be lost if you take stock in its magnetic nose, which always points north.


Ever thrown your keys into a Pokmon battle because you thought you were throwing Klefki instead? Yeah, weve all made that mistake. Its easy to do and all, especially if youve shoved Klefkis fragile body into the ignition of your car. Yes, this adorable little keyring is actually a living, breathing creature that you can recruit to fight against other trainers and gym leaders. No, it doesnt make much sense--but then again, none of the other Pokmon on this list really do.


The last time we checked, a sword was a weapon. There are no weapons in dogfig--er, Pokmon fights. Honedge defies all convention by literally being a weapon--a sword, at that. Couldnt you send one of your team members into battle with a rollicking battle cry waving this bad boy around? Would that be considered a tag team or would it be cheating? How do these things even breed? Is it just an enchanted sword? The possibilities boggle the mind.


It's easy to pick on this cute vanilla cone, so... we're going to. Incessantly. Like Action League Nows Meltman and his astonishing power to melt, Vanillite captivates its foes by looking delicious and dripping all over the place. Excellent. Talk about a sticky situation.


If your greatest fear is an illuminated chandelier crashing into you from its cozy perch on the ceiling, then just dont look at Chandelure. It may look surprisingly disarming, but its still a fixture. It might be able to grab you with those weird, coiled arms, but its still pretty dangerous somehow. Its dead-eyed stare isnt totally freaky at all, either. They say those who are burned in its flames are doomed to wander forever. Not sure its worth hanging this thing in your home to find out if thats true.


How dangerous can a snowflake really be? Cryogenal looks scary enough, but its ice, after all. It can pack a punch with its moveset for sure, but considering the fact that its just a glorified bit of precipitation, its not so impressive as an ice dragon or a legendary monster. Suppose thats not saying much anyway though, seeing as there are also Pokmon that resemble clouds and whatnot. Its just hard to look at this guy and be intimidated in any way.


This is the most sinister-looking moon weve seen since Majoras Mask. Doesnt it have a job to be doing up in the night sky? And whats up with that lone red eye? Its expressionless, staring into the void of your soul, like the Draag creatures from Fantastic Planet. The fact that theres a sun-themed Pokmon to balance out Lunatone doesnt even make this guy less creepy. Lets talk again about the fact that this is a literal crescent moon.

Brittany Vincent