PlayStation Move Launch Guide

What is PlayStation Move?

This is Sony's attempt at breaking into the Motion Controller market withPS3 and PlayStation Eye. Call it Wii HD if it makes you feels better, but from our experiences with both thisandthe Wii-mote,Move feels more accurate. 1:1 movement meansittracks every nuance of your waves and waggles perfectly, means you see theaction on-screen instantly.

That bulb on the end of the Motion Controller? It lights up with different colours.It sounds pointless but with games like the upcoming Sorcery,it will indicate whichspell you're currently wielding. It also has all the face buttons from a standard DualShock as well as the Move button on top and a trigger underneath for zapping/shooting/poking stuff.

The thing on the left in the picture above is the Navigation Controller. It hasan analogue stick and a D-pad and is usedfor - you guessed it - navigatingcharacters. You can use this combo with Heavy Rain to steer Ethan et al around and then the Motion Controller to following theon-screen prompts.

Want to know more? Read thisspecial hands-on featureand see howMove stacks up against Microsoft's up-coming Kinect

What do I need?

Three things...

  1. A PlayStation 3 - %26pound;249/$299 RRP(160GB version)
  2. A PlayStation Eye (Sony's camera that also works as webcam) - %26pound;24.99/$39.99 RRP
  3. PlayStation Move Motion Controller - %26pound;34.99/$39.99 RRP

... And although they're not completelynecessary a Move Navigation Controller. Why aren't they need you ask? Because you can use a DualShock controller to do the same job, albeit in a bit more clunkier fashion.

What's the launch game line-up?

Pretty good. There area lot of familiar looking titles lurking within the line-up likeSports Champions, which is not too dissimilar to Wii Sports, except, y'know in HD. Here'sthe full list...

  • Sports Champions- Read thereview
  • Start The Party - Read thereview
  • Kung-Fu Rider - Read thereview
  • EyePet: Move Edition - Read thereview
  • Racket Sports...

17th September 2010

Nathan Irvine
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