PlayStation Direct Europe store could be coming according to a job listing

(Image credit: Sony)

The PlayStation Direct store could soon be making its way to Europe, if a new job listing is anything to go by.

Earlier today on December 15, a job listing for a Director at PlayStation Direct Europe surfaced online. What's obviously noteworthy about this is that PlayStation doesn't have a Europe-facing Direct storefront right now, so this strongly indicates that the PlayStation Direct store will soon be expanding into Europe.

Currently, the PlayStation Direct store is only available in the US. This Sony-facing storefront offers consumers the chance to purchase consoles like the PS5 from Sony directly, without having to go through a third-party storefront like Amazon or Walmart. Additionally, the Direct storefront houses accessory items like the Pulse 3D headset, and the PS5 camera for users to purchase directly.

When Sony opened up PS5 pre-orders through their Direct storefront earlier this year in the US, they did it on a ticketing basis. Prior to the consoles going on sale, you had to register through Sony to be in with a chance of purchasing the console directly through the supplier, as purchases through PlayStation Direct were done on an invite-only basis. This caused quite a stir, but it was certainly one alternative to putting pre-orders live and letting consumers fight it out with scalpers to be the first to get their hands on the new console, as many third-party retailers did.

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Hirun Cryer

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