Platinum offers statement on Scalebound: "fans were looking forward to this game as much as we were"

Scalebound's cancellation came as a shock to many, a sudden surprise that few saw coming. Mere hours after rumors began circulating, Microsoft confirmed the news, and today, Platinum has offered its own statement. As you can imagine, it's not particularly cheery.

"We’re sorry to say that on January 9, 2017, Microsoft Studios announced the cancellation of Scalebound," the studio wrote on its blog. "We are very disappointed things ended up this way, especially since we know many of our fans were looking forward to this game as much as we were."

While the game about a boy and his dragon may be gone, Platinum urged fans to support other company projects like the upcoming Nier: Automata, coming in March. The studio also name-dropped Granblue Fantasy Project Re:Link and Lost Order as games to look forward to, though those are currently slated for Japan only.

Platinum co-founder and Scalebound director Hideki Kamiya also expressed his thanks to fans for their kind thoughts.

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"We will keep working hard to meet your expectations," Platinum continued, "and we look forward to your continued support!"

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