Planetside 2: 12 minutes of pure gameplay from the alpha

It’s a good time to be a Planetside fan. Since the release of the original MMOFPS, we haven’t seen anything that’s come close to matching Planetside’s truly global warfare… until today. Check out this three-part demonstration of Planetside 2 in action filmed at SOE’s GDC 2012 presentation.

The footage you’re about to see is from an alpha build with a limited amount of players on the server. But even if you don’t see hundreds and hundreds of players blasting each other to bits in the game’s never ending battle for territory, you can still get a good sense of the large scope SOE has for this ambitious project.

In the following clips, creative director Matt Higby will show off air combat, infantry combat, vehicle combat, customization options, load out options, and share some of the design philosophies of the team and the direction they want to take with the sequel. Check them out and come back to GamesRadar for more on Planetside 2 as we wait for more news on the upcoming closed beta. In the meantime, head to the official website to sign up for the beta and check out more screenshots from the game here.