Pixar fans spot Up mistake in heartbreaking opening scene

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Pixar movie Up has gone down in animated movie history for having one of the most heartbreaking opening sequences. Taking place over the first 10 minutes of the movie, it tells the story of Carl and Ellie’s love story, from their first meeting through to her untimely death.

However, one viewer of the 2009 Disney classic noticed something odd in the sequence. Posting on Reddit (H/T CreativeBloq), they shared two screengrabs from the movie: the moment Ellie and Carl get married and the moment they find out they can’t have children.

just_rewatched_up_is_the_priest_that_marries from r/disney

"Just rewatched Up," they wrote. "Is the priest that marries Ellie and Carl also the doctor that brings them the news Ellie can't have kids?" Looking at the two shots, it does seem like the character design is pretty much the same with both characters, apart from the priest having very slightly darker hair.

"Woah that's weird to think about," replied another user. "I'd likely say they just reused the character model and slightly changed the hair color instead. It'd make more sense than a priest being a doctor."

Others wondered if there might be a reason that they look so similar. "I want to hope that there’s a great deep reason for why they made that choice," commented a second, while a third suggested: "They are twins."

"Do you know how many 3D shows/movies I’ve seen that reuse models to save some money?," added a fourth Pixar fan. "In some cases, it’s actually quite jarring. Not in this case, though, I genuinely didn’t notice that and this character is too minor for it to really matter."

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