Pirates online card game announced

If there weren't already enough pirates after online treasures, Sony Online Entertainment announced today that they are bringing Pirates, the WhizKids collectable card game to the digital high seas.

The table-top Pirates is a "constructible strategy game" (or CSG, as the kids say) where players make 3D galleons, schooners and pirate ships from the die-cut cards which they collect. Setting sail with their armada, players seek treasure and fame as they fend off other pirate raiders.

SOE promises to translate these table-bound adventures to the PC, and plans to launch the Pirates CSG online this fall. Pirates will include the supernatural foes and sea monsters from the Pirates of Davy Jones Curse and the content from the upcoming Quest for Davy Jones Gold.

In addition to an online matchmaking service, Pirates will include a ship trading service, league play and an online/offline collection manager.

August 11, 2006