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Pirates 3 holds the box office

With smaller films arriving at the box office in the brief gaps between blockbuster behemoths, it was perhaps inevitable that Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World’s End would cling to the top of the chart mast for a second week. Despite a drop of 62.4% (looks like some dodgy word of mouth is spreading there) it still managed to swipe $43.2 million from willing punters, though its domestic total now stands at $216.5 million: solid, but considering that Dead Man’s Chest was at $258 million after 10 days, hardly record smashing. Still, it’s dragging in the doubloons.

Far more interesting was the second film from The 40-Year-Old Virgin’s director, Judd Apatow. With some of the best reviews of the year and hefty buzz, the pregnancy comedy nabbed $29.3 million, which easily tops Virgin’s $21.4 million opening. Considering it only cost $30 million to make and has healthy word of mouth, expect this one to grow up into a big success. Hooray for decent comedies!

Shrek The Third had to settle for third this week, dropping down 49.7% to take in $26.7 million. The ogre and his fairy tale pals have now taken in $254.6 million. At fourth was the week’s second new entry, Mr Brooks, starring Kevin Costner as a mild-mannered businessman who also happens to be a pervy killer. It didn’t exactly catch the public’s imagination and took $10 million.

Which meant that the year’s other threequel – Spider-Man 3 – was forced into fifth place, somewhat fitting considering it’s now in its fifth weekend. It made $7.5 million, for a total of $318.3 million in the US so far.

Doing well despite a limited release in sixth, gentle comedy drama Waitress is still earning, making $2 million this weekend and $9.4 million overall. That put it ahead of new arrival Gracie, with the coming-of-age/soccer comedy scoring a $1.4 million own goal. William Friedkin’s Bug, meanwhile, dropped four places to eighth, making $1.22 million in its second week.

And so to the bottom of the charts, where 28 Weeks Later scared up $1.22 million, with Disturbia at 10th, making $1.1 million, for a total to date of $76.7 million.