Ping0 and Flagship Studios Unveil Mythos

What do you get when you combine the guys that worked on the Diablo franchise, the Hellgate: London tech, and a free MMORPG? Mythos! and excited, very excited. You read that right too, a free MMORPG, and we're not just talking monthly fee here. Flagship is claiming that the game will befree to download and play.

Now the details. The game will take place in Uld, a world emerging from an era of darkness. You'll play as either a Human, Elf or Gremlin, then pick your class and your off.Gameplay promises to be of the point-and-click action RPG style, something these guys know a thing or two about.

Flagship is promising constantly updated content and randomized environments and dungeons. They are hoping to please both solo gamers and group gamers with this one, and we'll see how it goes over as the alpha is going public soon. We promise to keep you posted on this delicious sounding MMO as more info becomes available.

March 23, 2007