Pimp your PS3 with 10 brilliant themes

19 Nov, 2007

With the release of the PS3’s firmware version 2.0 came the ability to customise the XMB, allowing users to change the background images and icons into anything they wanted. This open’s up a level of customisation usually only available to PC users, and has seen 100’s of home made creations emerging from creative bedrooms all over the world.

Some are good some are great, others, as our teachers used to say, “need more work”. Luckily for you, we’ve trawled through the digital database known as the internet and picked out the 10 of the best themes that’ll give your PS3 that touch of individuality.

To install these themes on your PS3 just follow these seven simple steps

1)Create a PS3 folder on a USB stick (or other removable device)
2)Inside this folder create another folder called THEME
3)Click on the link to download your chosen theme
4)Save the file in the THEME folder of the USB stick
5)Insert the USB stick into the PS3 and go to the theme settings option in the settings menu
6)Select theme then hit install and click on the theme your want to install
7)Find your new theme in the theme list and select apply

Note that some of the themes have more than one background image, so the image you see when you apply the theme may be different from the one shown below


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