Phone review

First there was The Ring, then The Grudge and now there's Phone. Are Asian frighteners chasing themselves in circles in search of the next remake-friendly horror hit? Judging by this hand-me-down blend of supernatural curses and cutting-edge techno panic, it certainly looks that way. Ringu with a ringtone, this Korean chiller is a little too familiar for its own good.

When investigative reporter Ji-won (Ha Ji-won) is harassed by a stalker, she switches phone numbers. Unfortunately, she ends up with a cursed mobile that turns six-year-old Young-ju (Eun Seo-woo) into a foul-mouthed, sexed-up little beast. It may sound silly but this cellular horror tops up its risible premise with some truly sphincter-tightening scares involving ghostly voices on the other end of the line.

A number worth dialling, then, although we'll probably have to wait for Takashi Miike's You've Got A Call before we can experience a truly terrifying pulse of telecom horror.

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