Phil Spencer thinks Xbox could do with more single-player games

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In a recent interview, Xbox boss Phil Spencer has commented on the Xbox's upcoming lineup of games, and what it might benefit from.

The interview comes from GameReactor earlier today. When asked if he focuses on a certain amount of games being single-player or multiplayer for Xbox's portfolio, Spencer replied with "if anything I'd like to see more single-player games from our first-party, just because that over time we've kind of grown organically to be more multiplayer-driven as an organisation."

Elsewhere, Spencer comments on what might be missing from the Xbox's admittedly-broad spectrum of games included under the Game Pass umbrella. "If we look at what people are playing on Xbox, what Game Pass subscribers are playing, I think what is missing from our portfolio is casual content with a broad appeal," he said. "E-rated content (to use an ESRB rating) is not a strength for us. We obviously have Minecraft and we have some other franchises. But when I think about expanding the creative palette that our teams have, I think that is critically important."

Spencer also continues to be a big believer in getting as many people playing a game as possible. "I believe great games should be able to be played by as many people as possible," the Xbox boss says. He then goes on to talk about the "camaraderie that you and I might feel" while playing a Destiny Strike together, and praising the fact that games can cross "political lines, geographical lines, socioeconomic lines, and religious lines."

There's a lot on the horizon for Xbox, to put it lightly. The company is releasing two consoles (the Xbox Series X and the Xbox Series S) in less than a month from now, and they just recently wrapped up a deal to purchase Bethesda parent company Zenimax Media, including all their studios.

If you're still trying to pre-order Microsoft's more powerful next-gen console before it launches next month on November 10, head over to our Xbox Series X pre-orders guide for a full list of retailers with stock.

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