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Phasmophobia prison level tease will give you chills

(Image credit: Kinetic Games)

Phasmophobia is getting a brand-new prison level, and some images teasing the scary jail have just been released. 

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While these images are rather dark (as they should be - this is a scary game, after all) Reddit user u/-ReallyDontKnow- enhanced them for us. There's a scary chain link fence lining the outdoor entrance, an eerily empty cafeteria, a medical bay, and a visitation room. According to a tweet from the official Phasmophobia account, there are cell blocks in the mix as well. Creepy.

The Prison is considered a medium-sized map, whereas a level like Asylum is considered large. Asylum is fairly difficult to cover with just four players, and smaller maps like Farmhouse often have players stepping all over each other, so Prison will be a great addition to the game. The only other mid-sized map is Brownstone High School, which can feel quite large when compared to the five much smaller maps. 

A prison is certainly a terrifying place to hunt for ghosts, considering the ethereal can't really be kept behind bars. Setting aside the terror that is the American prison industrial complex, expect this new level to bring its fair share of screams. Now that dead players can continue to mess with their teammates by throwing objects, I can't wait to be walking through the cafeteria and have a tray thrown at my head. 

There's no set date for when Phasmophobia's prison level will debut, but if you're looking for an even better look at what's to come, there's a Phasmophobia Trello board that shows the game's upcoming roadmap.

Phasmophobia turned this scaredy-cat into a fear junkie. 

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