PGR4: It's the Batmobile!

Sept 06 2007

Ok, so it's actually the Radical SR9 LMP2, but it sure as hell looks like the Batmobile. And you know how go faster stripes make your car better? Same principle. We can't wait to see how that beast handles in PGR4'smuch touted all-weather conditions.

Above: Will the bad weather make PGR4 more fun or just be a massive pain?

But while the car looks great, we're not too sure about the background. Those trees are made of cardboard. MDF if you're lucky. PGR4's going to be fast, no doubt, but hopefully that doesn't mean Bizarre Creations will try and fob us of with a green blur.

Plus - click theimages tab and you'll see that the menus have been tweaked from the horrible bastard things in PGR3. Sweet.