Peter Molyneux: Kinect will not cause "the death of standard controllers"

Whether he's promising that a digital dog will revolutionize the industry, or insisting that all of his previous games are complete rubbish, Lionhead designer and Microsoft Europe creative director Peter Molyneux always has something interesting – and extremely quote worthy – to say.

Today, he's given a lengthy interview toDevelopin which he has surprising points to make on everything from iPhone apps and social gaming to the reinvention of the Fable franchise and the comedy of Call of Duty's infamous airport mission.

Most significant, however, are his thoughts on motion controls:

Coming from a man that is basing his next project, Milo & Kate, completely around Kinect technology, this quote is rather reassuring. What do you think?Read the full interview here, then let us know your current take on motion controls in the comments.

Aug 3, 2010

Charlie Barratt
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