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PES' Euro 2016 spin-off confirms Edit mode (which should fix nine teams' missing kits)

The one small (massive) gut-punch amid the news that fan favourite PES 2016 (opens in new tab) has secured the official licence for Euro 2016? That of the 24 teams who’ll contest this summer’s big French football face-off, only 15 of them have real badges and kits in-game.

Austria, Belgium, Poland, Hungary, Republic of Ireland, Romania, Russia, Sweden, and Switzerland all miss out on being properly represented. Kind of takes the gloss off forking out for an official license if you ask us – particularly as the only licensed stadium recreated from the tournament is the Stade de France – but that’s a separate discussion, for a different day.

A spot of good news, then: Konami brand manager Adam Bhatti has quashed rumours that the Euro 2016 content – which forms free DLC (opens in new tab) should you already own PES 2016 – won’t be editable, meaning you can edit missing kits. The inability to change things only applies to kits belonging to the licensed sides. Otherwise, just as in the club-based release, all kits, logos and player names can be amended as deemed necessary by the owner.

“For the 15 teams that are licensed, you won’t be able to edit those kits, but I’m not sure that you’d want to anyway,” Bhatti told Squawka (opens in new tab). “The nine that are unlicensed – you can definitely go in and do what you want with them. That side of it won’t change. We won’t be locking out any of those teams from the Edit mode.”

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To this end, gamers are already creating the affected kits ahead of time, for dissemination within easily-shared option files once the game launches. One such project, by third party site PES Universe (opens in new tab), is well underway – see the work-in-progress Poland shirt above.

The free Euro 2016 expansion pack for PES 2016 is available on multiple formats from 24 March, with a bespoke version exclusive to PS4 and PS3 released on 21 April.

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