Perfect Stranger review

Aiming to be sleek and sexy, Perfect Stranger is sadly more Channel 5 than Chanel No.5, with Halle Berry bashing out another vapid performance. Here she’s acting with her most famous assets, Halle’s curves being the bait to lure Bruce Willis’ advertising exec into admitting he murdered her mate. Partnered with techie Giovanni Ribisi, she’s a tenacious reporter working undercover at Willis’ office while anonymously chatting him up online.

As the director of the electric adaptation of Glengarry Glen Ross, it’s disappointing to see James Foley here thumping every erotic-thriller cliché like it was an arcade Whack-A-Mole. Berry and Willis are woefully miscast, the internet interaction between the two sparking mirth rather than electricity. The thriller side of things is better, Foley managing to cast suspicion on potential murderers before the stupid finale. You might not be able to work out who dunnit. You might not care either.

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