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Perfect for Christmas: the SFX Superheroes bookazine!

It's only on sale for another few weeks (opens in new tab) - and it's brilliant! - so be sure to pick up SFX 's Ultimate Guide To Superheroes while you still can!

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It'd make an ideal Christmas present for the superhero lover you know - jam-packed with 164 big pages, it's printed on thick, top quality paper and full of glossy photos and illustrations. What more, apart from a small section at the back where we reprint famous (or infamous) SFX reviews, it's ALL-NEW content!

A few tasters of what's inside: our huge poll to find out your top 50 superhero films of all time, the Stan Lee Fannish Inquisition, LOADS of Spider-Man, oodles of Superman, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Guardians Of The Galaxy, X-Men: Days Of Future Past, 1970s superhero TV, Mego toys, Agents Of SHIELD, Arrow, Ant-Man and TONS more! Click here for more details.

SFX’s Ultimate Guide To Superheroes is on sale until mid-January in WHSmith and all good newsagents. Don’t miss it! Order it in print from (opens in new tab) or search for it in SFX ‘s Apple Newsstand container app today.

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