People are figuring out the dead chickens can be used as storage space in Skyrim because 2019 is clearly messing with us

Skyrim is almost eight years old, yet people are still discovering weird stuff you can pull off in Bethesda's high fantasy RPG. The latest did-I-read-that-right issue is that people on Reddit have figured out that you can use dead chickens as storage space in the game, meaning that you can - if you want to be given weird looks by everyone in its world - drag a dead chicken around behind you. Why not use your own inventory, I hear you ask? If you're over encumbered in Skyrim and don't want to ditch that glass battleaxe or your steel plate armor, you can manipulate the laws of physics and grossness to shove 'em in a chicken. 

Don't ask me how you'd actually fit more than some snowberries and butterfly wings in a chicken, though. Of course, if you did kill a chicken you'd have the entire town on your tail in a heartbeat, as murdering fowls in Tamriel is one of the most heinous of crimes. 

This is far from the weirdest thing in Skyrim, however: in the game you can find a necromancer who will fight you using a resurrected dead chicken, a skeletal arm holding a sword out of a lake, and a jacuzzi camp especially for hunters. Running into some of that on your own might have you wondering whether you've ingested one too many handfuls of namira's rot, but Skyrim's NPCs are likely to think exactly the same thing about you if you start carrying around a dead chicken. Just a warning. 

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Zoe Delahunty-Light

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