Pen To Paper: Cartoons and the creeps

Elf helmer and Swingers star Jon Favreau has scribbled on the dotted line to write and produce CGI animated Neanderthals for Sony. The Fav, who will soon be seen starring with buddy Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston (‘They’re not a couple!’) in The Break Up, came up with the original idea for the story which is… well, frankly nobody knows.

The Studio’s comment on Neanderthals’ narrative was to say that details “are being kept in a cave under a large boulder protected by a mastodon.” How much an hour does the mastodon make we wonder?

The sultan of scare Mr Wes Craven has optioned a new project entitled Home, through his company Craven-Maddelena Films. The thriller by Adam Alleca follows a fella who after being released from prison is under house arrest in a remote cabin. The man becomes delusional, no doubt with horrific consequences. Either that, or he begins to run a knitting circle for the local ex-cons coalition but we can’t see Craven going down that route can you?

Wes will exec produce the movie and it marks the continuation of the relationship between Craven-Maddelena and Disney’s Miramax, who also joined forces for nutter on a plane thriller Red Eye.