Peer into Unknown Realms

Monday 11 September 2006
Unknown Realms, a new action-RPG for PS3, has been revealed in the build-up to the machine's Tokyo Game Show appearance.

The game has been created by the developer of impossibly pretty PS2 slash-'em-up Genji (and its PS3 sequel), and that much is obvious in the colour-soaked screenshots below. Billed as a 'dark fantasy', the game follows the exploits of university student Ellen and journalist Keats through a series of dream-like realms - including a war-torn battlefield, a coral-strewn underwater setting and enchanted forests shimmering with all the lighting effects that PS3 can crank out.

Unknown Realms will be shown at TGS in a couple of weeks' time - as fresh games are a welcome sight on Sony's delayed supermachine, we'll be sure to bring you more information during the show.