Pee & Poo Save the World to stink up iOS

Maturity is overrated. Monocles and tea are alright, we guess, but sometimes we'd prefer something a little more... low brow. It's because of this urge to be remarkably immature that we were immediately drawn to Pee & Poo Save the World, and iOS game where gamers play as anthropomorphic bodily fluids on a quest to save the world from devious aliens. The aliens' goal is to abduct baby animals, and in order to stop them, both Pee and Poo need to throw weapons like plungers, fart bombs, pee balloons, and flaming bags of poop at the enemies.

And no, we didn't make any of this up. We're aren't nearly creative enough.

The developer, Brown & Yellow International Holding (seriously), is being remarkably honest about its creation, and seems to have no disillusions of grandeur or class. They made a game about poop and they know it. And they’re proud of it. “We just wanted to create something good that people will thoroughly enjoy for more than five minutes,” said Peter Cortez, one of the creators of P&PSTW. “We can’t sit there going, ‘We’re going to create the next big game and everyone will love it.’ We can’t worry about that. Our goal was to create a game that brought Brown & Yellow’s Pee & Poo vision to life. One that their kids would smile at while playing.”

It's available on iOS now, so be sure to grab it if you're interested in some immature fun. If you're still on the fence you should watch the trailer below, but wash your hands when you're done! What were you, raised in a barn? Kids these days...

Sep 28, 2011

Hollander Cooper

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