PDC World Championship Darts 2008 - hands on

Wii version's controls will be the most authentic as you have to physically make a throwing action to play it. First you must use the Wii-mote's pointer functions to set an aiming point. Then hold A and bring the Wii-mote back. When you move the Wii-mote forward (as thoughperforming aweaktennis serve), you must let go of A to throw the dart. Do it right and it will find its mark.

It sounds easy, but in practise it's very tricky. There's a sweet-spot to hit with your throw power, making it similar to Wii Sports' golf in terms of skill required. However, we're not sure if it was us being crap or the game not registering our actions correctly, but for several attempts in a row we couldn't even get the dart to leave our hand. Still, practise makes perfect.

When we did get some shots in, however, it was good fun - especially in a four-player game. The graphics are decent enough for last-gen tech and the facial animations are good for a realistic-style game. No scary zombie faces on show here, thank goodness. You can also make your own character by choosing from set faces/hairstyles etc. So if you really want a monster, you can make one.