PC Star Wars RTS revealed!

With Episode III, Revenge of the Sith, KOTOR 2 and about fifty other games already in the pipeline for 2005, you might think that LucasArts would be running out of the PCs and people needed to make any more games but somehow the US publisher/developer has found enough room for just one more Star Wars title.

However, two things are still lacking from this PC project - a name and a release date (although the end of next year looks most likely). And while it might not have a moniker yet, the game does have one big name on board in the shape of developers Petroglyph. And that is a name that will be familiar to any strategic battle fans as the team already have such RTS titles with Emperor: Battle for Dune, Command and Conquer: Tiberian Sun, Z and Earth and Beyond all sat on their CV's.

No-one will say at the moment if the game will focus on one particular era of the six part series or cross the Clone Wars to the climax on Endor but President of LucasArts Jim Ward has said "This game will take the genre in a new direction and will balance gameplay between the hard-core gamers who buy these games and the broader audience that's familiar with the Star Wars brand".