PC Gamer Top 100 is ready for your votes

The hardcore brethren at PC Gamer magazine have embarked on an epic quest to properly sort out once and forever the 100 favourite PC games of all time. And they're doing it the only way they can - by getting the games buying public to vote. Yes, that means you.

In what is an absolutely mammoth undertaking of data collation, visitors to the PC Gamer Readers' Top 100 site can vote for their 10 most loved PC games ever. When voting closes at the end of September, all submitted votes will be gathered and shaped into an almighty, all-conquering PC Gamer Readers' Top 100.

If you're passionate about PC gaming, then you'll understandably want to get involved and add your own personal top 10 to the gargantuan bucket of votes. And you can do all that right now by visiting the PC Gamer Readers' Top 100 site. If you need further motivation besides taking part in something this utterly momentous, there's also the chance to win a great big sexy PC rig. So don't delay - vote today!