Paul WS Anderson driving Spy Hunter

No. No, no, no, no… no. Just. No. Sorry, but we’ve had it up to here with Paul WS Anderson grabbing on to video game franchises and sci fi movies and making bad movies. Sure, some of them make money and sequels – Resident Evil, Alien Vs Predator. But so much of what he puts his sticky paws on turns out badly (Resident Evil, Alien Vs Predator and - hello! - DOA).

And now he’s at it again, though this time it’s a project that seems so stuck in the mud, we’re not sure even he could drag it out. Because it seems like decades that we’ve been reporting news about Spy Hunter.

The film, which would adapt the game based around the G-6155 Interceptor and the cool dude who drives it, has been floating around for a while, with John Woo planning a big-budget version and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in the driving seat. But the budget, it turned out, was a little too big for anyone to agree, and so it lingered.

Now Universal hope Anderson can rescue the film from the development garage. He’s scribbling a treatment that another writer can bash a script out from. Given how many other projects Anderson has on the go, we hope Universal don’t want this ready much before the decade’s out…

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