Paul Rudd explains Ant-Man rewrites

As part of the rebuilding process involved with Edgar Wright's departure from Ant-Man, both Adam McKay and Paul Rudd were charged with performing some re-writes on the script, with Rudd explaining to Screen Rant just what he and the Anchorman director brought to the table…

"The bones of this story, the foundation of it was there," says the star. "Joe Cornish and Edgar Wright did such a great job. We certainly added things, enhanced some storylines, changed some things, and added some scenes. It was a fairly sizeable rewrite but the story is theirs."

"As far as the specifics… I’ve been instructed not to divulge, but it kind of came about organically. It was obviously never part of the plan when Edgar and Marvel parted ways, there had been a rewrite that was kind of a different take on the story. So when we were meeting directors and all sorts of stuff, Adam came in."

"Adam I have a pretty good relationship, and so it just came about. It was never anything that I think either one of us had planned on, but I think it was more of an issue of this movie is going to start, and the script needs to get to a place that Marvel wants to take it, and so we just spent some time working on it together. And then Adam was just on for a little bit, and it’s a constant work in progress."

It was obviously disappointing to see Wright depart the project, but it sounds as though McKay and Rudd have helped salvage what could have been something of a disaster for a film that has been so long in the making. Directed by Peyton Reed, Ant-Man will open in the UK and US on 17 July 2015.

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