Patapon Cheats

Patapon FAQs

Patapon Hints

  • PSP | Submitted by The Patapon Master

    Kill Patapons To Get Better Ones

    Instead of wasting your time trying to kill them in levels, all you need to is this:

    1. Get to your Patapon army screen

    2. Go to whatever person you want to kill

    3. Hit the SELECT button where it says quit

    4. It will bring up a box that says "Retiring selected unit. Are you sure?"

    5. Hit yes and it will bring up another box that says "This cannot be undone. Are you sure?"

    6. Hit yes and your person dies. Simple as that.

Patapon Easter Eggs

  • PSP | Submitted by jaws777

    Legendary Weapons

    To get the legendary weapons from ban the tatepon and the cool archer guy who helps you, you can either hack the files or try to let them die, collect the hat and cross the line. But be careful you fail if he dies!

Patapon Cheats

  • PSP | Submitted by nintendomario, robojake23

    How to Perform All Songs

    Attack - Press in game play o, o, square, o

    Walk - press in game play square, square, square, o

    Protect - Press in game play triangle, triangle, square, o

    Retreat* - Circle, Square, Circle, Square

    Charge* - Circle, Circle, Triangle, Triangle

    Miracle** - X, XX, XX

    *These songs will be learned later i n the game
    **All 4 miracles use the same pattern

Patapon Unlockables

  • PSP | Submitted by Steve Buschemi

    Unlockable Minigames

    Cooking mini game - Get the Gashapon hat on mission 17
    Flower mini game - Get the Zapaton hat on Creatures of the Sand, make it rain and kill the purple slug
    Mountain mini game - Get the Kimpon hat on mission 14
    Smith mini game - Get the Kampon hat on Search for a Lucky star, hunt when its not rainning and talk to star, must get the black star first
    Tree mini game - Get the Pakapon hat on the mission 2