Patapon 3 goes back to UMD, available April 12

Two years ago, Sony tried to shake up the retail world when it released Patapon 2, the sequel to one of the PSP's top-selling disc-based games, exclusively over the PlayStation Network. However, after finally buckling down and releasing it on UMD, Sony has decided to bring out Patapon 3 on UMD and digital download at the onset.

While the PSP almost never shows up on the top game sales charts anymore, the system remains a critical part of Sony's overall strategy and continues to receive scattered high-profile titles. Patapon 3 may not be uber epic, but where else are you going to find, as Sony puts it, "mono-ocular warriors engaged in an all-out blitz offensive?"

Patapon 3 tries to push the PSP forward, offering a large online multiplayer mode. At the heart of the game, though, is the ubiquitous rhythm-matching gameplay mechanic that some players just can't get enough of. In the third Patapon entry, players begin as the only heroic creature left on a battlefield, where they begin their journey to become the UltraHero Patapon.

Some have been lured into the Patapon universe by its unique art style, and some by the original rhythm-based controls. Perhaps Patapon 3 will attract more players with its wide-scale online element, which lets players engage with others around the world, from anywhere in the world via Wi-Fi.

Patapon 3 goes on sale April 12 for $20, simultaneously as a packaged UMD game in retail locations and as a digital download on the PlayStation Store.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]

Feb 24, 2011

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