Netflix adaptation of hit manga series, from the director of one of the best zombie movies ever made, gets a new look and release date

Parasyte: The Gray
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Netflix has confirmed when new sci-fi horror series Parasyte: The Grey will be released, and it's surprisingly soon.

Sharing an eerie new poster for the show, which draws inspiration from Hitoshi Iwaaki's hit manga, on social media recently, the streaming platform revealed that it'll premiere on April 5. Swapping Japan for Korea, it follows a young woman as she "grapples with her newfound coexistence with a parasite". It also explores "the efforts of Team Grey, a group dedicated to fighting mysterious parasites that live off humans."

Jeon So-nee, Koo Kyo-hwan, and Lee Jung-hyun star. Yeon Sang-ho, the filmmaker behind Train to Busan, which is considered one of the best zombie movies of all time, directs.

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"I am most excited that this is 'a new story'; while I am the author of the original manga, I could also be a member of the audience that experiences thrill and awe," said Iwaaki in a statement. "Thinking back to when the original manga was adapted in Japan, Parasyte the manga is like a 'child' to me, born from my own work in a small room, while the animation and live action film were like 'grandchildren', born from my child going out in the world and meeting many people and their wisdom, experience, and technology. I am overjoyed that another 'grandchild' is being born in Korea. I believe that this 'new story' taking place in a different location will lead us into a world beyond my imagination."

"In my twenties, Parasyte was a staple for those of us who were passionate about manga and animation," Yeon added. "Having the opportunity to build upon it and create something new is not only a great honor, but also a dream come true from my younger years."

Parasyte: The Grey releases on April 5. While we wait, check out our picks of the best anime series coming in 2024 or our breakdown of the most exciting new TV shows heading our way.

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