Panoramic Pokemon Legends: Arceus tour video is like historical Pokemon Snap

A new Pokemon Legends: Arceus trailer gives you a 360-degree view of the Hisui region and its many native Pokemon.

The trailer posted by the official Japanese Pokemon account uses YouTube's panoramic view feature to let you pan the camera angle around in real time using on-screen controls. You can't control the camera's path through the world, but you can choose what you want to focus on as you go - which gives it some Pokemon Snap vibes, as well as making it the next best thing to actually exploring Hisui ourselves once Pokemon Legends Arceus is released next week on January 28.

The video begins and ends on foot, but in between it showcases the ground, air, and water mounts that will help put some distance between you and a rampaging Snorlax. They all look like fun, but there's just something special about diving into a river and leaping straight over a bridge.

The journey ends with our protagonist facing Mt. Coronet as it looms in the distance, underscoring the fact that we've only seen a fraction of Hisui despite all the ground we've covered. Speaking of which, you'll need to be vigilant if you want to go into the game as unspoiled as possible; it appears at least one player has gotten their hands on the game early - which means all kinds of leaked info from Pokemon Legends Arceus is already starting to appear online.

The Pokemon Company has confirmed that Jubilife Village will be Pokemon Legends: Arceus' only town, but it will expand and change as you get further into the game.

Connor Sheridan

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