Pandas and paranoia

If there’s a DreamWorks Animation DVD in the offing, wise panda say there must also be a promo for a future release. No, the studio hasn’t stepped into a TARDIS and brought us footage from Shrek 75: Get Ye Back To Rehabbe, it has instead whacked together some footage of Jack Black being silly and talking about his new ‘toon, Kung Fu Panda. Because everyone loves a little Jack, right? Right?

It’s strictly teaser stuff, with Jack giving us the basic plot (bad guy escapes from prison, unlikely hero needs mentors to knock him into shape so he can stop the villain) and brief flashes of footage featuring the main characters. Celeb tonsils like Angelina Jolie and, most mysteriously, Jackie Chan (while he’s a funny guy, does his voice really add anything to a film where his character can do everything he can and more?) are spotlighted and the overall look of the film (stylised, but not as much as Madagascar) is shown.

It’s up on the slightly less-than-official Dutch Animatie blog, so check it out here while it lasts…

Also arriving – via much more official channels – is the first trailer for the Hayden Christensen/Jessica Alba thriller Awake. It finds Christensen’s successful bloke about to marry his dream girl (Alba), who has to go in for heart surgery. But when he suffers “anaesthetic awareness” – i.e. he wakes up during the op, his life starts to spiral out of control as he realises nothing is what he seems and he can’t trust anyone.

Find the trailer for the long-delayed movie (it shot in 2005) here .

source:( Animatie blog ) ( Yahoo Movies )