Palworld shows off its violent twist on the Pokemon formula at the Future Games Show

Palworld, the creature-collecting RPG with a violent twist, showed off a new trailer at the Future Games Show powered by Mana.

The trailer focuses on two of the key aspects of Palworld's spin on the formula. First up are a bunch of boss fights, in which you'll be taking on powerful foes. Rather than using your companions to whittle down their health bars, however, in Palworld you'll be using a rifle to help subdue your opponents.

The other aspect of Palworld that the trailer explores is how the creatures you capture will interact with their environment. One fiery friend helps light a campfire, while elsewhere some more lupine companions pull a sled through a snowy environment (much to the misfortune of a large, yellow traveler).

The two very different vibes do occasionally collide, as you'll be opting into some more traditional battles at least some of the time. Other fights are even more strange than those gun-toting boss encounters, as you'll blast your pals from rocket launchers, and see others using cheap mine labor or manning machine-gun nests as you protect against an oncoming horde.

Palworld certainly promises to be an interesting alternative to the spate of takes on the creature-catching JRPGs that have taken a shot at Pokemon's crown in recent years - the likes of Ooblets and Temtem do seem just a little more wholesome, but perhaps that's an interesting part of the newcomer's charm. 

Palworld is expected to release later this year on PC via Steam, where you can wishlist it via its official page.

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Ali Jones
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