This cozy MMO goes hard on Animal Crossing and Valheim vibes, and it's getting two betas next month

(Image credit: Singularity 6)

Cozy MMO Palia is going into both closed and open beta next month in August. 

Developer Singularity 6 has announced that its upcoming MMO is heading into closed beta next month on August 2. You can head over to Palia's official website to sign up for the closed beta next month, and invites will be rolling out regularly after it all starts. 

If you don't get into the closed beta, don't sweat it. Palia's open beta kicks off just over a week later, on August 10 - letting anyone join in on the action. Progression across both the closed beta and open beta will be maintained across both tests, so you can effectively progress one character through both playtests. 

We described Palia as Disney Dreamlight Valley meets Valheim earlier this year, and that comparison still looks rock solid. You'll meet a varied cast of colorful characters in the new MMO, all of which you can befriend and then undertake quests and tasks for to level up your bond with them. 

Palia looks like it's going to be a smash hit for Singularity 6 when it eventually launches: the press release for the new beta dates touts a grand total of 600,000 players that already signed up for the MMO's alpha period. Things are seriously looking good for Palia, and it looks to be one PC game you'll want to keep an eye on over the coming months.

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Hirun Cryer

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