Pac N Roll Cheats

Pac N Roll Hints

  • DS | Submitted by The S

    Final Battle with Golvis

    Part 1
    You start in a big chamber with Golvis on a platform get 3 power pellets to make him vulnerable (what a surprise), do this 3 times to begin part 2.
    Part 2
    Chase him down to a large room with a big hole in it. Get the power pellets and gobble him up 3 times but beware of ghost on UFO that shoots bombs at you. Note: when your in this area golvis will throw bombs at you and create a whirl wind with his guitar.
    Part 3
    Follow golvis up to a room with a tilting platform, as usual get power pellets and eat him up, but watch out for poison pools (he's on a separate platform so wait for the right moment to roll to it)
    Part 4
    Same as part 2 accept the power pellets are in more difficult spots to reach.
    Part 5
    Part 5 is the last part. Go on the platform in the center of the room in Part 2 & 3 now go down the path to where Golvis is and get the armor power to brake the metal crate and then change it. Get a power pellet and then go after the ghost with a power pellet (a ghost might have the third power pellet or it just might just be lying around somewhere) you might have to go off a quarter pipe to get a power pellet. Do this 3 times and you've finally defeated Golvis.

  • DS | Submitted by Mike

    Different pacman forms

    To change pacman into differnet forms have him eat the special chocolates in each stage the silver one turns him into knight pacman and the green turns him into flying pacman. good luck using these chocolates to beat the stage!