Overwatch players all float on alright in these great low gravity moments

The latest Overwatch patch has players feeling very light on their feet. Yes, low gravity has arrived in the regular game. There are two ways to experience this mode. First, you can duck through the airlocks on the new Horizon Lunar Colony map in any game mode and bounce around on the moon. Second, the Arcade has added a game mode for regular 6v6 matches in low gravity. 

Overwatch’s players are smart and hilarious people, so naturally they’ve found some memorable moments in goofing around in low gravity. Here are some choice examples.

That’s a very, very high noon

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When he gets this much air, McCree’s Deadeye ultimate can reach across a frighteningly large chunk of the map. (Source)

Oh let’s break it…

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…down! Dropping the beat takes an extra long time when Lucio’s on the moon. (Source)

Super boop

This might be the slowest Lucio vs Lucio of all time. (Source)

It’s like a John Woo movie in here

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Slow-motion shotguns? Sounds like Reaper’s dream come true. (Source)

Bye-bye Reinhardt

Gotta watch the timing on those airlock doors when using Reinhardt's Charge ability. (Source)

Bye-bye Winston

Winston’s leap goes just a hair farther than intended. (Source)

Bye-bye Torbjörn

Poor Torbjörn. He alllllmost managed to stay in bounds. Clearly the fall shattered the game code as well as his confidence. (Source)

Flying tire of death

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Normally the sound of Junkrat’s ultimate sends players scattering. But since the Rip-Tire is also subject to the reduced pull of gravity, it may be easier to shoot down and escape unscathed. Assuming you notice it, of course. (Source)

All about the angles

A perfectly placed ricochet with the D.Va ultimate catches the entire enemy team off guard. (Source)

He must go, his people need him

Finally, Redditors discovered this bug in some bot matches, where Torbjorn unintentionally winds up acting more like Pharah. (Source)

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