Overwatch is great, but have you tried playing Tetris in Overwatch?

(Image credit: u/ochotonida)

Overwatch is great, but have you tried playing Tetris with a scene from Overwatch in the background? Using Overwatch's workshop mode, someone took on the incredible task of building a fully-playable version of Tetris using the tools available as well as some programming workarounds to help it function as closely to the real thing as possible.

Reddit user ochotonida is responsible for the feat, who went above and beyond the typical Workshop build to create a mostly faithful Tetris experience. For Tetris heads, the builder used the Super Rotation System as a guide for implementing rotation states and spawns. There's also a rudimentary wall-kick system that lets J,L,S, and Z pieces to wall-kick left and right. 

The controls are simple enough, as Tetris should be. Left and right move your piece, up and down turn your piece, and holding jump increases speed. Due to the workshop's entity limit, the game ends when the total number of effects reaches that limit, unless a stack reaches the top before then. It's no Tetris 99, but it's worth checking out if only for the novelty, and you can access Tetris in Overwatch Workshop using code X236D.

For the uninitiated, Overwatch's workshop mode is intended to allow creative players to tweak game modes to their liking and even create their own heroes, although it should be noted that using the scripting service successfully requires some degree of programming proficiency.

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